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Leadership Presence


Leadership Presence

We will explore the mindfulness concept and it´s limitations, introduce scientific approach, also find out the benefits of consistent training and you will be active student and have questions to answer and assignments to work out.

In the second Module will explore the leadership roles, find out what is most important and how we can train those skills.   You will have questions to answer yourself and your team. The competence model.

In the third Module will learn about emotional intelligence, self awareness, social awareness and environmental awareness.  Be aware of your inner state of emotion and mind, aware of social relationships and changes in the environment.

This is something you need to practice in everyday life.

We will add more to the program each week.

Topics include:

  • Commitment
  • What is presence?
  • Benefits of presence
  • Practical things
  • Leaders Roles
    • Director
    • Mentor
    • Facilitator
  • Awarenesss
    • Selv awareness
    • Social awareness
    • Influence
  • Tools



Each Modul has lessons and practical things to experience. Something new every week on the network, chat room and zoom discussions.

Program has 3 moduls.

  1. Mindfulness
  2. Leaders Roles
  3. Awareness



Online Program Mindful Leadership

When pay with paypal you need to fill in valid email address, so we can send to you a link to the program. Also name, id and address if you would like to have an invoice.



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