Dog Soap

Orange Tree Organic Dog Soap with Neem Oil

Our Dog Soap is made of organic bar soap and with Neem oil, it is very potent against bacteria and for renewing the skin. The Neem oil we use is cold-pressed and organic.

Not only is it organic, SLS, SLES and MPG free, it also contains no sulphates or parabens.

Package: 3 pcs in a carton box.

May promote hair health

Neem seed extract contains azadirachtin, an active compound that may fight parasites that affect hair and skin, such as lice. Azadirachtin works by disrupting parasite growth and interfering with reproduction and other cellular processes (9Trusted Source).

In a study that tested the efficacy of a neem-based shampoo on head lice in children, leaving shampoo in the hair for 10 minutes killed the lice while being gentle on the skin (10Trusted Source11Trusted Source).

Neem extract and nimbidin, a compound found in neem oil, may also treat dandruff due to its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Dandruff and scalp irritation may result from fungal buildup on the scalp (8Trusted Source12Trusted Source).

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