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Dr. Adizes shares the observation that individual business coaching does not necessarily equate organizational shift, efficiency and transformation. He challenges the assumption that “if you make an individual more effective, especially if it is the CEO, you can make the organization more effective.”

What he observes reminds me of the fact that what might work on one system – say, the human individual system – may not be as effective on affecting desired change in another system, even if one of the systems appears to be a subset or a part of the other.

Every system has its own scope, specific laws of interaction, dynamics and qualities and would require different and unique set of tools for influencing change. This also includes the postulate that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and ergo by working only on the parts of a system does not necessarily indicate that we are affecting the outcome of the whole of the system in a favorable manner. I see quite a few interesting threads for discussion here. What do you think?

Author: Daniela Peltekova

Dr. Ichak Kalderon Adizes, President of the Adizes Institute, recognized by Leadership Excellence Journal as one of the top thirty thought leaders of America, shares an insightful article about the pros and cons of individual business coaching and whether it makes the organization more efficient.

“In the Adizes theory and practice of managing change, we can change strategy by changing organizational structure. Trying to implement a new strategy with an old organizational structure is like trying to redirect the flow of the river within the old riverbank” Magazine

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