Ylang Ylang sjálfbær og Fair Trade

Ylang Ylang olían okkar er bæði úr sjálfbærri ræktun og birgjar okkar styðja líka samfélögin þar sem olían kemur frá.

On the Spotline

How are our suppliers making a difference?

Our suppliers work with small scale farmers who own their land, rather than the large commercial plantations, to ensure local farmers are being supported with a good price for their flowers.

In cooperative groups these farmers supply their fresh flowers daily from the morning harvest before they are taken to the processing distillery on the island.

The distillery is owned by our supplier so they are able to oversee the production of our high quality organic oil.

As reliable and consistent buyers for over ten years our supplier gives farmers the ability to plan ahead and to better manage the natural inconsistencies of ylang flowering. 

Community impact

Our suppliers not only support the local farmers, but also the wider island community.

One of the biggest concerns for locals was access to healthcare and our suppliers were determined to change that. They set up a medical clinic and dispensary which employs two doctors and several nurses to provide care and subsidised medicines. It is also where women can now give birth on the island, rather than travel by boat to the mainland.

To bring healthcare to remote communities they have also set up a mobile medical team to travel between villages and treat minor medical issues and purchased a vehicle dedicated to transporting sick and injured people to the clinic. These vital medical services save lives and prevent minor injuries and illness from becoming serious. 

  • Supporting 165 small scale farmers over 825 acres of land
  • Helping farmers learn vital new skills, grow new crops and earn a valuable second income from their land
  • 39% of farmers are female and the growing industry creates more opportunities for women.
  • 6 field officers have been employed to provide agricultural education and support.

And it continuous.

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