Fékk athyglisverðan póst frá The Potential Project en þau segja að við þurfum nýja leiðtoga, þá sem draga fram það besta í fólki og þetta sé allt þarna fyrir innan, það þurfi bara að draga það fram.

How Do We Begin to Create New Types of Leaders?

Leaders need to take a journey inward and develop their “inner game” capabilities. That might mean defining their individual sense of purpose, building a greater sense of self-awareness, and evolving their own emotional intelligence. All this work can co-exist with leadership effectiveness; purpose and performance are not mutually exclusive. Leaders also need to have the courage to let go of old management styles and relearn how to be human; it’s not an “either/or” but a “both/and”. As Tim suggested, “Remember that you are enough and that transformation begins inside.”

Paula Kelley
Global Director
Potential Project International

Published by Guðbjörg

"Fly your dreams"

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