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What is Mindfulness?

There are many definitions on mindfulness, some are broader then others, the risk is it will become dogma, a limiting belief, specially if the practice has limited focus. We should have much broader perspective then this.  Deeper awareness that connects us to higher self through our higher heart Chakra.

My favorite book in mindfulness is written by Ken A. Verni, he uses drawings very much and is very descriptive, simple practice for everyone, is clinical psychologist.  His book „Practical Mindfulness, a step by step guide.“  The good thing about this book is that the definition is very broad.   He has also written other book on „Happiness the mindful way“ is very popular.

His definition on mindfulness:

„Practice of purposefully paying attention in the present moment and bringing a non-judgmental compassionate awareness to the nature of things.“

„It is a way of being, a way of relating to our inner and outer experiences, and a coming to our senses, literally and figuratively.“

„On the other hand it is nothing at all, nothing but a rediscovery or a remembering of our natural, inborn capacity to be fully awake in our lives, in contact with things in a different way without the filters of concepts, past experience, or likes and dislikes.“

Ken A.  Verni

„We need a deeper state of awareness, where we focus inward, we can ask ourselves and try to find answers.  Drop from our mind to our heart. Practice is very good it helps to change our habits, for example to jump to conclusion, living in the past, we can train us to focus on the present moment, set good intention for the day.  Embrace what is and so on.“  „It is also very important to use breathing techniques.“

„It is only the first step towards higher collective consciousness.“


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