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Getting Started with Branding and Corporate Identity By Tessa Wegert | September 26, 2017

The most successful brands have a personality all their own. Here are five key steps to building your brand and corporate identity.

 Every brand should have a unique identity that designers can channel to create logos, websites, ads, and more. With a little effort, that identity can be translated into a visual experience that informs, engages, and persuades your customers. Think of big brands like Coca Cola or Apple – you can usually discern their advertising or marketing initiatives before even seeing their logo or reading their tagline. This is because these companies have strong branding that sets their visual tone and lets consumers connect with them instantly.

In this five-step guide to creating a branding and corporate identity, we’ll walk you through the process, offer real-world examples of great brand visuals, and point you to even more tips and tricks for defining and designing your business’s brand.




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